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Website Puller 1.0.3

Website Puller 1.0.3: Free website downloader. Grab websites & grab images easily for offline viewing. website downloader that allows you to download everything from a website. You can extract everything or just selected items off a website, or just the images, archive files or text files. Website Puller uses 2 threads for downloading the items faster for your convenience. You simply choose the destination in which you want to store the downloaded files, then type the URL. Website Puller is useful for downloading your own websites and other websites

Extreme Picture Finder 3.19: Image downloader and picture finder. Download all images from any website.
Extreme Picture Finder 3.19

website. Simply enter the website address, choose what files to download (images, music, videos or any other files) and the folder on your hard drive where to save them and let the program do the rest of the work for you! No more banners, annoying pop-ups or saving each file by hand! Extreme Picture Finder will easily handle password-protected websites, forums or TGPs. Plus, it allows you to set file and image size limits, use URL filters to skip

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eMail-Lead Grabber Business 2011: Web form processing software to extarct web forms,email forms to Database
eMail-Lead Grabber Business 2011

eMail-Lead Grabber automatically downloads lead emails submitted through web inquires, contact forms and 3rd party websites and process them into your databases like excel, access, ACT, GoldMime, etc., It also schedules follow-up whenever a prospect fills up an inquiry form on your website. eMail lead Grabber saves hours spent on manual processing and data entry of lead emails.

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Super Image Picture Finder Grabber 4.15

Grabber? There is a big amount of websites with a huge amount of different pictures: funny picture,sex picture,tattoo picture,anime picture,car picture,flower picture,horse picture,teen picture,animal picture,girl picture, etc. Use Super Image Picture Finder Grabber can download these pictures from websites automatically. Super Picture Finder Grabber will save your time and free your hands. Super Picture Finder Grabber is a handy tool for searching

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Web Content Extractor 4.1: Software tool for web scraping and data extraction from the internet
Web Content Extractor 4.1

Web Content Extractor is the most powerful and easy-to-use data extraction software for web scraping, data mining or data extraction from the internet. Web Content Extractor offers you a friendly, wizard-driven interface that will walk you through the process of building a data extraction pattern and creating crawling rules in a simple point-and-click manner. Not a single string of code is required! Web data extraction is completely automatic.

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Kapere is a combination of tools that will accelerate your downloads and make your like easier. You will be able to download files faster, block ads and popups and even spam, make a whole mirror of a website and even search for files (including MP3 files!) on several search engines. You will also be able to extract binaries from newsgroups and so increase your collection of wallpapers, images or movies.

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BlackWidow 6.30: BlackWidow download website. Download YouTube, site ripper, site grabber
BlackWidow 6.30

website scanner, network spy, and a download manager. Use it to scan a site and create a complete profile of the site`s structure, files, external links and even link errors. Then use it to download part or entire web site to your computer, with its structure and files intact, to use as a site mirror or for long-term reference. Or use it to scan for and download any selection of files: from JPG to CGI to HTM to MIME types, from small to large files

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